[RndTbl] [Board] muug.ca hostname?

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sat Apr 16 17:12:42 CDT 2016

> On April 16, 2016 12:50:43 AM CDT, Trevor Cordes
> <trevor at tecnopolis.ca> wrote:
> >on muug.ca (new server):
> >
> >#hostname
> >muug
> >
> >This valid?  Done for a reason?  Should it be muug.ca?

On 2016-04-16 Adam Thompson wrote:
> Hostname is - and always has - been specified as the bare name, not
> the FQDN.

Hmm, that's opposite to what I've understood for 25 years, and what
I've done on every machine I've ever been responsible for (all of
which that have "worked").

But you made me think about it a bit, and why I do it this way.
Thinking back I distinctly recall that my personal AIX box in '95 would
freak out (like not boot, or take forever to boot) when the hostname
wasn't FQDN.  Back then it was tricky because I didn't actually own a
domain name to use, so I had to make something up.  I've done it this
way ever since.

Thinking more about what is right/wrong *now*, I find:

Which basically hints that it's a) vendor specific (i.e. RH vs Deb),
and b) personal preference.  No consensus (there or elsewhere) by a
mile, but it appears there is a bias towards hostname NOT being FQDN.

For me, being an all-Fedora guy, if "RHEL deployment guide" says use
FQDN, then that's a good enough excuse for me!  And I've never had any

I would do a survey of machines I can access, but all I can access are
ones I've built, along with lisa.muug.mb.ca, and lisa says:

I'd be interested to see how the computers at, say, the U of M answer
that question... (Strangely, much of my computing preference to this
very day stems from interesting quirks of U of M's setup from my long
days as a student.)

> YP/NIS domain, not DNS. Any apps that break this way are broken,
> period.

The reason I brought it up is that apache on new muug.ca was guessing
its host/domainname wrong and doing wonky things with rewrites until I
added a ServerName directive to make it explicit.  But that might have
been a red herring with regards to this whole question.

Final note, maybe the One Systemd To Rule Them All will settle this
once and for all, as I'm pretty sure hostname is now under systemd
purview (gobbled up like everything else)...

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