[RndTbl] wayland has no support for --geometry

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri Apr 7 01:40:10 CDT 2017

Ugh (rant time)... Wayland is sounding uglier with each passing day.  Long 
may I postpone its existence on my boxen.  Now I find out that by 
design(!!) wayland does not support any type of --geometry option for 
programmatically placing windows at certain locations on screen.  For 
instance, I have a script that opens up about 20 windows in workspaces the 
way I like them sized/positioned, for use after I have to reboot.  Saves 
me a ton of time as otherwise I have to position them by hand.


This is about the 10th "deal breaker" shortcoming of wayland that I've 
discovered.  I was optimistic once... no longer.

The more I read about wayland, the more it sounds like systemd in that it 
appears to be designed by Windows people, not UNIX people.  And 
windows-are-always maximized people.  And take 1 step forward, 5 steps 
back people (whereas true UNIXers always build on the past: IIABDFI).

Here's praying that, as many X/wm devs have assured me, that X will be 
around for a long time, alongside wayland.  I have a funny feeling Linus' 
personal workstation (not laptop) will NOT be running wayland!

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