[RndTbl] Les.net MUUG member discount slow in coming

Hartmut W Sager hwsager at marityme.net
Mon Mar 13 03:31:01 CDT 2017

Oops, I meant to add another fact:

3.  This Les.net discount offer was again repeated in the Mar 2017 MUUG

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On 13 March 2017 at 03:21, Hartmut W Sager <hwsager at marityme.net> wrote:

> Sorry Les, no offense intended, but 4.5 months since the first promise is
> a bit long, and I did ask your staff about this a while back.  The facts:
> 1.  In the Nov 2016 MUUG Newsletter, Les.net offered a 10% discount to
> MUUG members.
> 2.  My inquiry about this at Les.net a few weeks later led to a pleasant
> conversation with Sonja, who assured me that it would be implemented
> "pretty soon", and that discounting would definitely be back-dated to 01
> Nov 2016.
> So, Les, will you kindly carry through with this?  It was at your own
> discretion to offer this in the first place, without any pressure from
> anywhere (I hope) - I am not your typical Winnipeger who is routinely
> looking for a discount everywhere.
> I hasten to add, I too appreciate what you do for MUUG.
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