[RndTbl] Garbled boot screen

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Mon May 7 00:00:32 CDT 2018

On 2018-05-06 Kevin McGregor wrote:
> Now when I turn it on, the BIOS boot screen is fine, the GRUB boot
> selection screen is fine, but when it starts to boot the OS the
> screen goes all garbled. I can sort of make out some text, but it's
> generally unreadable.

Sounds like a OS update (you have auto-update on?) updated the vid card
drivers and the new version is broken / doesn't like your card.

You can always try adding boot params to GRUB before it boots to enable
whatever "safe" video mode may exist (not sure what BSD offers for

> Also, is there a way to include picture attachments in mails to
> Roundtable? I thought I'd tried before and the picture was removed. I
> have a screenshot of the image I get while booting. It might help to
> see it.

Attachments are fine but they must be smallish.  I think the cap is
250k per email.  Try to shrink your pics down to 100k or so if you
can.  Remember, base64'ing will grown them by around 25%.

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