[RndTbl] Gmail spam filtering super-aggressive lately

Hartmut W Sager hwsager at marityme.net
Tue Mar 31 00:55:43 CDT 2020

> If I tell mailman to send me a copy too,
> then I'll always get 2 copies.

Except if you're using Gmail as your infrastructure (like I am).  Gmail
only posts the message once when it recognizes the unique Message-ID as
duplicated, even if the multiple messages come into "To" and/or "cc" via
different target e-mail addresses (which is often my case).

I hate to make Gmail look good, especially when I started this "bash Gmail"
thread, but hey, they do a few things right.  (Like labels!)

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On Mon, 30 Mar 2020 at 23:18, Trevor Cordes <trevor at tecnopolis.ca> wrote:

> Oh, I see why the mailing lists sometimes default to replying to the
> list and sometimes to the sender... if I'm in the To:/Cc: explicitly
> then when I hit reply it goes just to the sender.  If I'm not, it goes
> to the list.  Ah: because the ones explicitly to me are not even going
> through mailman (even though mailman is on the Cc:).  I think there's a
> setting in each subscriber's mailman to also (or not) send a copy when
> you're already on the Cc:.
> A bit frustrating as there's no good solution.  If I tell mailman to
> send me a copy too, then I'll always get 2 copies.  And I can't tell
> the origin mail server not to send me that other copy... Unless someone
> can think of something I haven't, looks like using reply-to-all or
> reply-to-sender explicitly each time, and never using just "reply", is
> the only way to ensure the MUA is doing what I want.
> Or... I guess if everyone refrains from ever letting any individual
> person's email address get into the To:'s and Cc:'s that mailman
> sees... good luck with that!
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