[RndTbl] run windows tax software in Linux!

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Mon Apr 26 00:20:34 CDT 2021

On 2021-04-25 Bradford Vokey wrote:
> Unfortunately, StudioTax is no longer free.
> https://www.studiotax.com/paymentpage.html
> But $15 is still very reasonable.

Darn.  I guess not enough people donation-wared in previous years.

I hadn't noticed yet as I have been filling in fields (it lets you
install and use) but not attempting to netfile yet.

So it's $15 for 20 returns (enough for our 3 returns, at $5/return).
Not bad.  I like it because it's reliable and error free and CRA likes
it and I have had zero grief filing with it for, what, around 10 years?
And it's a 100% Canadian company.  The downsides are it's .NET and
really clunky/ugly.

If you're under $20k you can also file for free, so there's that.  And
if you're a really cheap bbbbbbb you could always use the software for
all the math/calcs/optimization then transfer what it shows to the
paper forms :-)

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