[RndTbl] Shell programming question

Bill Reid billreid at shaw.ca
Sat Apr 2 19:53:59 CST 2005

Mike Pfaiffer wrote:
> took the course a little over 10 years ago). I looked at the man pages for 
> Zenity and BASH. I also looked at several examples in the /etc directory 
> (obviously unsuccessfully). I'll admit to being an airhead occasionally, but 
> this is a really simple problem. Simple problems are the worst ones to 
> solve. :-(

The special parameter    $?  is the status or return value of the last 

For example:

zenity --question "Test"
echo $?

$? is 0 for "OK"  and is 1 for "Cancel"

Thanks for asking the question. I have used "dialog" for similar 
purposes but zenity looks quite nice.

Good luck,

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